Rainforest Jasper (Rhyolite) Hand Polished Massage Therapy Stone

Rainforest Jasper Hand Polished Therapy Stone AKA Rhyolite

This Rainforest Jasper Hand Polished Therapy Stone AKA Rhyolite weighs approximately 10 ounces and measures between 2.5 inches to 3 inches wide by 3 inches in length. 

Metaphysical And Healing Properties: 
Rainforest Jasper 
Rainforest Jasper, also known as Australian Rain Forest Jasper, is more specifically known geologically as Rhyolite or Ryolite. It is known as a stone of resolution and perseverance. It is said to help communication of all kinds, and helps one listen easily and without distorting the message one is hearing. It is also a wonderful stone for meditation. Rainforest Jasper balances Yin Yang energies. It can help one allow other people into their lives, even if one has been reclusive or solitary. Physically, Rainforest Jasper is used for cleansing the liver, regeneration, and general healing. It is related to and helpful with the solar plexus chakra primarily and also the throat chakra. As with all Jasper's, this is a nurturing and protective stone. 

Jasper (General, All Types) 
Jasper is a stone of gentleness and relaxation. It is sometimes called the nurturing stone due to its nurturing and protective energies. Jasper is used for the liver, gallbladder, soothing the stomach and balancing yin yang energies. 

Rhyolite fortifies the body's natural resistance. It treats veins, rashes, skin disorders and infections. It improves assimilation of B vitamins. It can dissolve kidney stones and harden tissue. Rhyolite gives strength and improves muscle tone when used as an elixir. As with all Jasper's, Rhyolite is a nurturing and protective stone. 

Hand Polished Therapy Stones 
Hand polished therapy stones, also known as massage therapy stones, can be used on the body as a healing tool or can be placed in the home or any environment to fill the room with amazing metaphysical and healing properties that can benefit the entire family, including pets, office staff, or anyone that enters the environment. 

Crystal Therapy 
Crystal therapy has been used for thousands of years. Crystals heal holistically, they work on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels of being. Crystal therapy realigns subtle energies and dissolves dis-ease, getting to the root cause. Crystals work through vibration, rebalancing the biomagnetic energy field and chakras (energy centers) that regulate the body's vibrational status. By bringing the chakras and the body back into balance, many states of physical and psychological dis-ease can be ameliorated. 

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