Gold 6x12mm Side Cylinder Rare Earth Neodymium Magnets

Gold 6x12mm Side Cylinder Neodymium Magnets sold individually.

These magnets measure 6mm in diameter and 12mm in length. They are diametrically magnetized. These neodymium magnets can be used to create your own magnetic jewelry, or for a variety of other uses. Each magnet has a surface gauss rating of 4600 gauss.

Side Neodymium Magnets - Diametrically Magnetized 
Side magnets are diametrically magnetized, they are attracted side to side. When making jewelry side magnets of the same diameter can be put together to create bracelets and anklets. Note: Magnet diameter is 6mm. It takes 4 of these magnets to equal ~1 inch. 

Creating Your Own Neodymium Jewelry 
Use these magnets to make necklaces, bracelets and anklets. No stringing material or clasp needed; these magnets are held together by their own magnetism. When making a bracelet or anklet, add enough magnets so that the jewelry is about 1" longer that your wrist or ankle measurement, especially when making a wide band. This will help ensure a proper fit. You do not want the jewelry to be too tight. To obtain accurate wrist or ankle measurements follow our sizing instructions

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Neodymium Magnet Information 
A permanent magnet is a magnet that remains magnetized. It is a static (stationary) magnet that creates a static magnetic field. Permanent magnets occur naturally in some rocks, particularly magnetite (lodestone). Even though magnetite is the most magnetic of all the naturally occurring minerals on Earth, by adding rare earth or other trace metals to iron it is possible for manufacturers to produce magnets that are much smaller and more powerful. Today, permanent magnets are commonly manufactured. Currently, the neodymium magnet is the strongest permanent biomagnet (healing magnet) available. 

Magnetic Therapy Information 

Neodymium Magnet Information 

A Few Precautions 
Given what is known today about static magnets, most experts agree that self-therapy is safe, except in the following situations: epilepsy, pregnancy, internal bleeding, bleeding wounds, blood thinner usage such as Coumadin or with implanted devises such as pacemakers and insulin pumps. Always check with your healthcare professional. When applying biomagnets avoid the area of implanted metal plates, screws and so forth. With the recent use of titanium, this may not be of concern; to be sure check with you healthcare professional. 

Non-medical Cautions Regarding Magnets 
Biomagnets (healing magnets) are very strong and can affect watches and magnetically stored information. Be sure to keep magnets several inches from items such as audio and videotapes, computer hard drives and floppy disks, television and computer monitors, magnetized credit cards or any other cards with magnetized strips. Never put magnets in direct contact with these items, as the items can be damaged. 

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